Thursday, September 24, 2009

Chapbook Contest

I have heard back from 3 out of the 4 contests I submitted my chapbook to this summer. So far, I have not made as high as "honorable mention" in any of them. However, Kulupi Press did note, by hand, at the bottom of the form letter, that I had made it past the first round.

The half-full side of me says this is a good sign. My half-empty side says that they just scribble this on to make the entrants feel good about being rejected when all it really means is that I followed the proper submission pagination.

One more to hear back from around September 30 and then the process of figuring out which poems I doubt most. Revising. Re-selecting. Re-ordering. Then re-submitting. There's another batch of contests with deadlines around the end of October.

I promised myself a year of submitting this chapbook so that I wouldn't want to give up after the first slew of rejections. It's probably a good thing I set that goal.

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