Monday, September 21, 2009

Irony in Advertising

Does Hardee's really think we're that stupid?

Watch this video of a commercial if you haven't seen it already.

It all sounds so good -- back to the basics. They're making it themselves, it's not being mass produced and frozen. It's not so processed. Sounds fantastic... kinda "green," if you will.

Then they add bologna. Seriously folks? You're making an argument for being less manufactured and then you include bologna? What meat product is more removed from its original source? Maybe a hot dog.

Let's check out the nutrition information from their website:

610 calories (A large bacon, egg & cheese biscuit at McDonalds is a mere 410 .)
390 calories from fat
36 grams of carbs

If you eat that with a coffee with cream and sugar, a woman like me would have consumed 30% of her daily allotment of calories, 50% of her grains, over 50% of her proteins, and 75% of her "extras" (solid fats, added sugars, alcohol). No fruits. No vegetables. No whole grains. All this in one "wholesome" breakfast.

To easily see how your diet matches up with healthy recommendations, you can go to the government site My Pyramid Planner. It's where I got all above information.

So as much as my mouth waters watching the commercial, I will not buy or eat said bologna biscuit. In fact, I'm reading more about the proposed taxes on sugary drinks and junk food.

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