Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Make-It-Work Moment

A few years ago, I was drafted into sewing curtains for The Vault in Asheville, and dutifully (though with a bit of whining) threw myself into bolts upon bolts of fabric.  Thankfully, I spent most of my time at the machine and not pounding grommets into yards of hems.  The end result wasn't perfect, but it transformed the cinder block walls and achieved it's goal of softening the room and keeping the sound from bouncing around.

Then, wouldn't you know, after a few years, the fire marshal decided they were a fire hazard. (?!?)  So, down they came.  The room looks very cool now, with black leather wrap around couches which certainly provide a lot more seating for conversation with friends.

But what to do with all that fabric?  I certainly couldn't let it all go to waste... So...
I turned the curtains into my Halloween costume!  This picture was actually taken in a friend's kitchen, I just played around with photoshop a little bit.  And I know, McGonagall's robe is supposed to be green, but this stuff just wouldn't dye (mixing in garlic and holy water didn't help either).  My fingers take color quite nicely, though.  Anyway.  If you see me, or the three wise men in the church pageant, wearing a lot of maroon crushed velvet this Christmas, just think of it as creative frugality.

I should add that I made the costume using this technique found in Wendi Gratz's fantastic sewer/crafter's blog.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Writer Friends

My talented writer-friend Cathy Larson Sky took some time to interview me and compile this wonderful piece published in the November issue of Western North Carolina Woman.  She taped and transcribed and re-arranged (for coherency) my thoughts on becoming a writer.  Thankfully, she edited out the number of times I say "like" --- because, like, it's a LOT.  I guess I'm not as articulate on the spot as I thought I was... (It reminds me of the phrase you can take a girl out of the mountains, but you can't take the mountains out of the girl... Except in my case it's clearly the valley!  Sheesh.)

I'm also engaged in another adventure with yet another writer-friend (Stephanie Stark Poling).  And, if you hadn't seen it already in the side bar, we've started a new blog to chronicle our collaborative efforts.  We are writing a play set to be staged at the Parkway Playhouse in September of 2012:  Between the Tackles.
In fact, right now I'm supposed to be writing that play... but I'm procrastinating... Maybe I'll update that blog over there next.