Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Latest Logo Designs

I really enjoy helping to create logos.  For me it's an exercise of a poetic nature -- What symbol best expresses the idea of the group or organization? All the while, I'm keeping in mind How can it be expressed most simply? and Will it translate small and large, b/w and color? Will it grab attention?

Additionally, I have to make the clients happy.  So, here are two of my most recent successes:

The Young Life race logo incorporates the already existing Young Life logo.  What I like is that it feels balanced while not being the least bit symmetrical.  I also like that the runner is human not necessarily male of female --  it is not a particular physique or age, either. Anyone and everyone is encouraged to run this course on June 20!  Click here for more details.  

(Other Young Life groups sponsoring 5Ks are welcome it use this logo IF they make a $20 donation to the Burnsville YL group.)

My other big project this winter was for the Toe River Watershed Partnership. That's a LONG title to incorporate, but using a circle works for that!  Whew.  The circle breaks up the major components they wanted to include, too.  To show a watershed, I needed a long view; however, to show the Elk Toe Mussel and a trout, I needed a close-up.  Fortunately, this method allowed me to show the three major emphasis of the organization in one coherent image. The logo also translates to black/white nicely, which will be important to the organization as they photocopy brochures and informational literature.
They could even use it as a coloring sheet!