Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Madness. Absurdity. Ridiculousness.

Call it what you will, but the last two weeks have been entirely too filled with it. To add to the ridiculousness of this list, I believe all items could be followed by #firstworldproblems.

#1 - One day I spent 10 hours on a full tour bus with 4th and 5th graders which included a dinner stop at Golden Corral.

#2 - I ripped the front bumper off the van by driving over a parking lot paver with re-bar sticking out the top, broke pieces off the bottom of the car, but was able to put everything back together.

#3 - I drove 45 minutes each way to have a child's braces bracket refastened because it had popped off when said child was chewing a paper towel... just 10 days before the braces were to be removed permanently.

#4 - I saw friends I hadn't seen in more than a decade because we gathered to bury a 41 year old classmate of ours.

#5 - A raccoon got into our chicken coop and killed 5 birds.

#6 - We still don't know how or why our friend died.

#7  - My brand new fancy-pants camera stopped working just two weeks after I bought it--right in the middle of our Spring Break trip.

#8 - Our Spring Break trip to New Orleans got rerouted to northern Ohio so my husband and I could participate in the memorial service for our friend. It snowed.

#9 - I will have spent 5 consecutive weekends away from home.

#10 - North Carolina passed HB 2.

#11 - Picture me, pulled off the side of the road in windy Indiana, kneeling with my head on the pavement, tying up the under side of our van with dental floss.

#12 - This list was originally going to be 5 items long.

#13 - I kept forgetting, and when I'd reach my hand into my purse for a pen or breath mint, my search would be confounded by the blue velvet box containing a small urn of my friends' ashes.