Wednesday, June 17, 2009

what what what?

Here we go.

A few weeks ago, within the same week, several people mentioned my blog. My blog? The one I haven't written since September of last year? That one? Clearly, the universe was trying to tell me something. In fact, the universe has been yelling at me a lot lately. Some of it is actually getting through, too.

Enough of it has gotten through that I'm making some remarkable headway with writing:

1. I promised my critique group that I would compile and submit a chapbook of poems to several contests this summer. And I'm only slightly behind schedule. :)

2. I've completed 3 or 4 new poems for this chapbook -- some of which have been haunting me, unwritten, for years. One is probably in its 50th draft.

3. I have started morning pages again... and, get this... in A FANCY HANDMADE journal. (Not handmade by me, but by a real book-maker.) And I'm not scared of it or to write in it. How's that for progress? I believe my words are worth a fancy journal.

Granted, to make progress in one area means I'm slacking in others... I can't even think about everything I have to do for the litfest right now. But I got the garden hoed yesterday and today is a rainy inside day with a child recovering from a tonsillectomy. Everything will come together.