Friday, December 11, 2009

Mountain Heritage Football -- State Game

There is nothing like a small high school making it to the State Championship to make a community go crazy. Frankly, I think it's great! For one, it's given our little Appalachian town an infusion of pride. The kids and I are even planning to wear green and black today--as, I'm sure, everyone is. There are signs all over town, balloons, people with their faces painted... And school has even been cancelled so that everyone can make it down to the game. Local shops and restaurant are closing too.
Monkey Business Toy Shop supports the Mountain Heritage football team with a sign in front of their shop in downtown Burnsville.
photos by John Fletcher of the Asheville Citizen-Times
read their article here
(FYI, that long gradual hill behind the credit union is the end of the 5K I ran)
The team plays tonight in Chapel Hill. I won't be there, but you can be sure I'll be following updates. Mountain Heritage High School has never won a State Championship in any sport in the history of the school. Seems like it'd be an excellent time to change that!
As an aside: I would have to agree with the woman on FB who commented, it's been great to see so much excitement about middle-aged women.


alessa said...

Well, did they win?

Anonymous said...



Marty said...

they got their ass whipped THS ran all over them 28-3 and dem rings are SHINNING!!!