Monday, August 2, 2010

Early Birds

We weren't expecting eggs from the pullets until August, but they surprised us by laying in July. My daughter even got her wish: an egg laid on her birthday.
They're still quite small compared to a grown hen's... but they sure do taste delicious. We've been eating fritatas about once a week now, throwing any garden veggies we have in with basil and cheese. The kids like it, too! I must say, I'm having to fight the urge to prick holes in the ends of the eggs so I can save them. They're just so CUTE though, I can hardly stand it. It's a lot of fun to collect them and my daughter even reports spying through the back of the laying boxes and actually seeing an egg being laid. A few of then hens lay blue-ish grey eggs. We got three like that just today.
With a total of eight pullets, they've worked themselves up to half-dozen days in just a few short weeks. Speaking of which, I should go hard-boil some of the stockpile we've accrued in the fridge.

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