Sunday, December 13, 2015

Fear Not [no. 7]

This is out of chronological order, but the timing in the liturgical year is more appropriate...

I thought I didn't have to say anything about this one, but I do.

The image is taken from this (from MorgueFile). Yes, it's a swan, not an actual angel. By all accounts, if I saw an angel, I'd be too scared to take a photo. 

This is a beautiful photograph in it's own right... it reminds me of the phrase in Psalm 91 "under his wings you will find refuge." And that reminds me of how irked I get at inappropriately placed masculine pronouns. Having raised chickens, I will tell you it is the mother hen's wings that protect the little flock. It is in her protective shadow they live. I find the many references in scripture to "his wings" lovely and subversive... They got the image of a mothering god right and it sneaked through to survive all these years... Years upon years of people who've raised birds knowing the pronoun was wrong.

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