Monday, January 18, 2010

The Test

So, last week American Idol and Project Runway began new seasons. I watched.
Last night the 2-hour season opener of 24 began. I watched. I'll watch the hour-long new episode of 24 again tonight, I'm sure. And on Thursday, the new season of Burn Notice will begin. I'm quite certain I'll watch that too. Along with PR and Idol. Sigh.
I did, however finish Barrayar by Lois McMasters Bujold last week too. Thumbs up. She's creating a very convincing world/universe. I like the quirky main character, even though she's a Betan frill.
Also, I do have the rough draft of two new poems.
So it's not all bad.


Britt Kaufmann said...

Correction: 2-hour long follow-up to the season opener tonight.

alessa said...

Unfortunately, Britt, those two are the only ones which have the Betan frill as the main character. Most of the rest of her Barrayar series is about her son. The mutant....HAHHAHAHAHH...

Anonymous said...

I am going to try to watch this season of Project Runway.. as for 24 I never got into it and I am afraid now that I'm too late. Burn Notice... eh? If you like it it has to be worth checking out I figure.. I'll see if I can make that happen.. Idol- Did you like "Pants on the Ground?" I can't wait until Hollywood week when Ellen is judging!!


Britt Kaufmann said...

@Fal --I did see Pants on the Ground! It really is catchy.

As for 24, don't try. People don't need to watch TV.

Burn Notice, I do recommend. It's on USA and has the best cast of side-characters ever. I am a total sucker for shows about smart-folks outsmarting everyone with their smarts--and Burn Notice is that. Plus they all look good and stay cool when they're doing it (even though it's set in Miami).

@Alessa -- I can't decide whether to read the whole series... or go on to something else. Hmmm.