Thursday, January 7, 2010

2010 - Resolution/Goal #1

Every year I say I really should watch less TV. But I end up getting addicted to various shows: 24, the many CSIs, Project Runway, Burn Notice, American Idol (I know, I know) and now add to that list Glee. The problem is that they have continuing story-lines that I just can't let go!
I do believe this show is my favorite. New episodes on Jan. 21.
This year, though, I'm taking a different approach to watching less TV. The real reason I think so much TV watching is bad, is because it takes up my evening time... time I should be spending reading. (That is a much more helpful hobby considering my desire to write...)
In 2010, I resolve to read between 2 and 4 books a month (with a goal of 40 total).
That should significantly cut into my TV watching time. Or, if I find that I'm still able to get my reading done and watch a few shows, perhaps I will feel less guilty and like I'm managing my time better.
I'm well on my way. I finished R. A. Mac Avoy's Tea with the Black Dragon last night. (Thanks, Alessa, for sending that along.) Perhaps I will go make myself a cup of Oolong right now to celebrate a New Year's goal begun.

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kimik said...

There is a sequel, "Twisting the Rope", which I did not like as much as the first one. And Wiki has a list of her complete works, which I find several that I haven't read yet. (Oh, goodie!)

And you are very welcome, but really should thank my sister Lisa for introducing me to her writing. It's nice to have older siblings who are willing to share their books. ; P