Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What's on my mind...

First, a WHINE: yet another snow day.
Braggin' on a Friend: frequent commenter alias Kimik (A.C. Leming on the list) has placed as a finalist, in the top 21 in the Writer's Digest Poetry Aside chapbook contest... we keep checking for the winner announcement to be posted today at http://blog.writersdigest.com/poeticasides/
Accomplishment: finished up a website for Gary Gavenus who is running for Superior Court Judge. See here.
Progress on Goals: I stayed up until about 2am this morning finishing The Sparrow by Mary Doria Russell. If you're like me and like sci-fi mixed with theology, this is a fascinating read. Not general-theoretical theology like Dune, but Judeo-Christian/Catholic theology and a planet on Alpha-Centauri. This is no walk-in-the-park Happy-Christian read, though. Brace yourself (no pun intended). Throw in violence, aliens, healthy marriages, celibacy, human suffering, devout believers, questioning believers, and a healthy dose of atheists. Good mix.
And speaking of goals, local writer Alan Gratz has a great post today about setting goals as a writer/creative person. I can relate... except for the fact that I haven't completed anything or gotten multiple books published like he has... It's a good read. Go!
Another post on the GC-Anthem issue: Here's another good post my brother directed me to on the issue.
I have also emailed my piece to the board at Bethany Christian Schools which has had several discussions about this same matter because of a complaint lodged a few years ago with the IHSAA. As it stands now, because of the complaint, Bethany is not able to host sectional or regional events on behalf of the IHSAA. (Or at least for volleyball and basketball. I guess the state couldn't let Bethany's great soccer fields go as BCS is still asked to host soccer sectionals on occasion...)
Interestingly enough, playing the anthem for a IHSAA event hosted at Bethany wouldn't bother me. Bethany might not even be one of the schools playing in a particular game, and might not be considered the "home" team (by jersey color, etc.). To me this seems entirely different. Additionally there are other regulations a Tournament Host School is required to comply with during sectional games that aren't in place in regular-season games: number of line judges, number of refs, distance of bench to court, and various other peculiarities. Of course, if BCS chose to decline to play the anthem and forgo their ability to host sectionals/regionals I would proudly support them. (If Mennonites are really permitted to be proud.)
Punxsutawney Phil: I have no kind words for that poor groundhog today.

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