Sunday, February 28, 2010

When the most perfect thing just flies out of your mouth...

"Excuse me," I said to the couples crowded by the restaurant door waiting to be seated and reached my hand toward the door handle of the unisex bathroom.
"That one's full," one woman called out helpfully. "You'll have to use that one." She pointed further down the hall.
"Thanks," I said and let myself in and locked the door behind me. Their conversation resumed. Apparently they were very hungry and more than anxious to be seated soon. I felt a little sheepish for eaves-dropping and tried to read the wallpaper of Cook's Magazine plastered to the walls. I felt a little guilty for lolly-gagging at the end of my meal, but no matter, my husband and I were about to leave. So I washed my hands quickly and eased the door open.
I didn't want to bang into anyone in the hall, so peeked cautiously through the crack I'd made and saw people shuffling out of the way and tapping others to make them aware of my re-emergence.
"How did you do that?" one man asked incredulously. "How did you lock the door? She locked the door," he explained to his friend.
All eyes turned to me.
"I, uh, pushed the button," I stammered.
"Where? What button? Where's the button?" he pulled the door open examining the levered handle.
"Right there, underneath," I gestured. The group pushed forward, craning.
"Sure enough!" the man declared bending down to see it and pushed it himself. "There it is! How did you know that? " He looked up at me. "How did you know it was there?"
"Because I'm a mom," I said sliding through the group back toward my table. "And moms know everything."
"Good answer," I heard a woman murmur. "Good answer."

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