Thursday, July 14, 2011

Guest Blogging

I've had two recent "guest blogger" gigs that you might want to read, since you're here.
The first was for Cheek Teeth the official blog of the literary magazine Trachodon. This is a great blog for writers wanting to think about craft -- it also includes a fair amount of flash fiction and essays of interest. Here's the permalink to my post about seeing my first play produced & click here to see what's new on their site.
The second is about my summer adventures in raising chickens at the blog 100 Memoirs. This blog is kept by a former college professor Shirley Showalter and is a collection of short memoirs, thoughts on writing memoir, and reviews of new and important work in that genre. Here's the permalink and here you can see her latest post.

And how the chicken saga has continued! I'll post updates soon...

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