Friday, December 7, 2012

Surprise Subbing!

Surprise! I subbed today.  I didn't get the call until 7:30 am, seconds before walking out the door to take my kids to school, still in my pajamas.  OK, I said, but warned that I was unshowered and would roll in just before the bell.
ASIDE:  This is better than my last "surprise subbing" experience when the surprise featured a child spewing vomit all down the hall and me as the only adult in sight having to field getting the poor thing cleaned up enough to walk to the nurse's office -- all the while fighting my own urge to vomit with repeated stomach-clenches that reached into my throat.  
Back to today, though, because I don't care to think about the former surprise too much... It ended up being an easy day thanks to good kids who know their routine and an assistant who did all the heavy lifting.  I did get a chance to work on some poetry, though.  The second-graders worked on rhymes and how to write sentences that end in the rhyming words.  Then we reviewed their work with some standards in mind (1 - did it really rhyme, 2 - did it have to do with winter/Christmas, 3 - the quality of the sentence) and chose our favorites to put together as rhyming couplets -- just like they'd been studying in several versions of the classic "'Twas the Night Before Christmas."

I typed the class poem up with some clip art to color and left the teacher some evidence of their creativity and hard work -- plus a little something for them to color later.  It just figures that I'd be a sub who'd leave the teacher busywork to do when she gets back!  HA!

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