Friday, October 2, 2009

Project Runway meets the Rummage Sale

I stayed up too late last night watching, but I'm addicted to Project Runway. Perhaps not as much as Wendi and Alan Gratz of Gratz Industries who do fantastic weekly predictions based on the previews. Although, now I am addicted to reading their weekly assessments of the show, its designers, models, and judges. It really is great stuff. You should read it.

As for why I like it: It's creative people being creative. Plus they have to be talented. Besides, I like to sew without a pattern, figuring logic and tracing my best-fitting dresses should be enough to get me by. Of course I couldn't do half of what the designers do, but sometimes I think, I could do that -- if I had more time and could cut a sleeve without a pattern.

So, when someone asked me if I was going to the Humane Society Rummage Sale, I thought I'd go pick around and see what I could find. Maybe some cheap fabric to add to my steamer trunk full of scraps and remnants I hoard for nebulous future projects. Maybe a few odds and ends to complete my daughter's cowgirl Halloween costume... Maybe a big wool skirt that could be re-worked into something modern. (I loved the PR episode when the designers had to re-do an existing outfit into something new.)

It turns out the only thing I couldn't find there was a parking place. It was packed! Solid cars all the way from Pizza Hut to Auto Zone. It was downright baffling, but it only intrigued me more. The place was packed inside too, with people, trinkets, sheets, chairs, dishes, Christmas ornaments, coffee pots missing the coffee makers...

Sure enough. They had fabric... but nothing that struck my fancy. What did catch my eye, though, were patterns... 10 for $1. How could I go wrong? Maybe seeing how structured pieces fit together will give me the confidence to try something new and adventurous.
I'll pass on ruffles, though, Nick. But I am into the dolman sleeves.

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Foia said...

Okay fashionista..I see you-designer in the making!! I love Project Runway, but I haven't seen any of this seasons episodes :( Did you make that black dress in your facebook pic? It was too cute and unique. I will check out the Gratz's site.!

BTW-Your children are so beautiful! Beautiful Family!!