Monday, January 7, 2013

New Year's Resolves - Part 1

Stated simply, for 2013, I've decided to go all directions at once.  However, this doesn't make for concise and streamlined blog posts.  Believe me, I've been reading all sorts of writer/blogger/parenting advice about the idiocy of resolutions, how to make them, of what kinds to make and on and on... (And several blog posts about how to write better blogs.) There's a good chance I spent more time reading about resolutions than I did making my own.  Wasting time reading other writers' opinions was also advised against in a blog I read.
I will begin, though, with the overarching theme:  Go All Directions At Once.  It flies in the face of everything I've read.  The Artist's Way says Baby Steps.  Blog gurus say stick to your area of expertise, market your brand, and hone it down to six things you want to be known for. Publishers say pick a genre.  My kids say, Come see my house on Minecraft.  I reply Very cool! without looking at the screen.  (But that opiate-of-the-small-masses is a blogpost of its own.)  There's even the old Keep It Simple rule.  Here's the thing:  I'm always going to make myself crazy regardless, so why not be wildly productive too?  I want to be good at everything, so that just means I have to practice doing everything.

One blogger advised to think of New Year's Resolutions not as "taking on something new" but as giving something up.  So here's what I'm giving up:

  • I'm giving up being unproductive after the kids go to bed.  The people I admire most work self-imposed long hours.
  • I'm giving up limiting creative possibilities.
  • And I'm going to try very hard to give up sleeping in until the absolute last minute before taking the kids in to school.  I intend to keep a work-world type day.
Today, I did get up at a respectable 6:30 am, submit scripts to three theatres, query one more, and write a blog post.  Now, for the next items on my to-do list:  get out of my pajamas and write morning pages.

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