Monday, October 19, 2009

Burnsville 5K Scamper

  • my throat had been sore for a few days, so
  • I hadn't run since Tuesday
  • it was 39 degrees
  • it was drizzling
  • my knee (which had not been bothering me previously) began acting up after mile marker #2
  • it's a hilly course
  • I started too fast (1st mile in 9:14 -- WAY too fast for me)
  • that hill at the end is bruu-tahl
This is me at the top of the hill, about 300 meters from the end of the race. I crossed the finish line at 30 minutes 32 seconds. I'd wanted to be under 30 minutes, but considering the above excuses, I am OK with that time. It gives me something to work for next year, when the weather will be better. I hope.

photo credit to James Harrison of the Asheville Citizen-Times

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