Saturday, October 31, 2009

Restaurant Review - Bonnie & Clyde's

And when I say the middle of nowhere, I mean 15 minutes from my house which is--the middle of nowhere.
Here is where you're headed--or need to be: Loafer's Glory and more specifically Bonnie & Clyde's.
What you're looking for is a unremarkable one-story building with beige vinyl siding and a neon OPEN sign.
Why you're going is for some of the best burgers around. The fries aren't so shabby either.
Like an idiot, I've known about this place the entire six years I've lived here, wanted to go, but just never had--until last night. Let me tell you, the only way they can get away with having a dining area that seats around thirty is their remote location. Otherwise the place would be packed. As it was, our waitress was deftly moving customers she knew by name to other tables to accommodate other regulars.
Burger King's Angry Burger is so named because it's
mad it's not as good as Bonny & Clyde's Very Spicy Burger.
The food is good enough, that were it located in a college town and open until 2am the owners would have already retired in the Bahamas. It's not that the food is refined or gourmet -- it's not. It just lives up to the promise it makes and then some. I was going to take a picture one bite into my burger, but forgot all about that plan until halfway through.
Their burgers aren't thick, but to compensate, you can easily double or triple your patty-to-bun ratio. Besides, the flavor more than compensates for the volume. Next time, I'm trying their Mushroom Swiss Burger and will, once again, get a side of fried okra. (I may have been born in the Midwest, but I love my fried okra!) My husband was all about the chili-cheese fries (a little heavy for me), though they were very tasty.
Mitchell County is still dry (meaning you can't buy alcohol anywhere but Spruce Pine) and you can't get a beer with your meal, but it's still worth it. Other rural mountain stereotypes you can leave at home. Our waitress was chatting up the other diners about leaving to pursue her master's degree. So tip well.

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