Saturday, November 14, 2009

12 Bones on my writing weekend

One of my favorite parts of being "away" on a writing weekend is that I get to eat wherever I want, whenever I want. No negotiating with anyone! My first choice for lunch was 12 Bones. I'd never eaten there before (despite hearing fantastic things), because I'm not often in Asheville during the hours it's open M-F 11-4. But for some reason, I had a mental block about all that when I showed up today, on a Saturday, determined to eat there.
Sweet serendipity! Today was one of the two Saturdays in a given year it is open. (Thanks to the River Arts District tour.) Smoked serendipity, might be more accurate too. I ate every morsel on my plate. Yum.
As for the writing part of the writing weekend: I have completed the "treatment" for the play-in-progress. Now onto revising the first few old-old-old chapters of a book. Current challenge: deciding on names.


Stephanie said...

A writing weekend? Do tell more. That sounds so so lovely.

kimik said...

Yeah, I need to book me one soon! SO I can catch up on my NaNo word count. I am almost to 12000 words (should be at 25000 by now!) But am on schedule for PAD. :)

Now, if I could just stop being allergic to so many foods I love to eat... :(

Britt Kaufmann said...

@kimik -- Give yourself a break! NaNo and PAD. I think you're crazy. But give it what you've got.

@Steph... I wrote a post just for you. :)