Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Preparing for Winter

My body seems to want to put on 15 lbs. I'm nibbling constantly and craving highly processed starches--namely toast. I figure this is to keep me warm in the winter, but my husband tells me this is flawed logic and 15 lbs. wouldn't be enough.
But I'm preparing for winter in other ways: books. The only thing better than ordering a big batch of used books from Powells.com is getting them in the mail a weeks or so later. Yes, I'm conflicted about ordering a box of used books because the author receives no royalties, but at least I'm doing it through an independent bookstore, right?
Question of the Day:
What makes me a bigger geek?
a. I ordered 7 dragon books
b. I owned the complete set of Harry Potter books except #2
c. out of all these books, I picked up Radical Pacifists in Antebellum America first
d. I seem to have ordered 2 of the same book
e. this stack of books joins 13 other to-reads on my nightstand

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