Tuesday, November 10, 2009

World Series of Poker

I'm about to watch the final table of this year's Main Event in the World Series of Poker. These players never fail to amaze me. They must simultaneously input all kinds of mathematical information: odds of catching the cards they need, pot sizes, odds of their opponent catching the card he/she needs based on what the player thinks they have... And then account for all the other social information: how the opponent sits, blinks, bets, shifts... how they played in the last hand... It blows my mind.
Lately, my husband and I have even been getting a pack of beef jerky to nibble on during the Tuesday night airings, since Jack Links is one of the sponsors. We can only watch so many of those Sasquatch commercials before the cravings start up... I'm ready to open the pack now.
My personal fave at the final table: Phil Ivey.
(Though Jennifer Harmon is my all-time favorite. Did you know she's a mother of twins too?)

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Britt Kaufmann said...

Bummer. Ivey went out in 7th place, but he was seriously short-stacked the entire time.

I would have liked to have seen Darvin Moon win instead of the 21 year old, but so be it. They're all millionaires now, so I don't feel too bad for any of 'em!